About Us

Dwaraka Palace

Inspired by Dwaraka, the kingdom of Lord Krishna, where royal grandeur and opulence meets nature’s scenic beauty and houses divinity personified, Dwaraka Palace endeavours to offer you the same experience. Set in 4 acres of land adjacent to the serene shores of the Thiruvanmiyur beach, in the precincts of a beautiful little temple for Sri Krishna Balarama, Dwaraka Palace is the perfect choice for your most memorable event. The exquisite and plush interiors of the spacious halls and the guest rooms are complemented by the large open areas with abundant greenery and the most stunning views of the Bay of Bengal. Its location near the beach makes it the perfect venue for any event or occasion, big or small. With a rich experience of having conducted more than 1500 events across different cultures, over the past 15 years, the courteous and well trained staff at Dwaraka Palace offer you an experience of tradition delivered in a modern and professional environment. For your most memorable occasion, we have an accomplished team of chefs and cooks who can roll out the most delicious dishes of your choice. Your celebration of the most special day of your life should be all about you and your near and dear ones. By bringing you a full service comprehensive offering, we assure you that you will not be lost in a flurry of organisation, negotiation and last minute running around on the most important day of your life. Come and soak in the opulence, beauty and divine experience at Dwaraka Palace.